Hello and welcome to my new blog – The Nomadic Maker

My name is Claire and I am a Mixed Media Hand Embroidery Designer – so what does that really mean? I create pieces of art for interiors or to wear. I have a love of combining unusual materials together such as encasing hand embroidery and beadwork in concrete and resin. Much of my inspiration is taken from the fragile world including my latest collection based on coral reefs. Becoming a PADI Open Water Diver in 2018, I witnessed first hand the effect that climate change and pollution were having on our reefs and this inspired me to create a whole collection celebrating the beautiful world we have under the water. I would describe my art as intricate, brightly coloured and unusual – no two pieces are ever the same even if I am creating brooches or earrings. As well as being a creative, I also have a love of travel. There are so many amazing places out there to discover!!

So my blog will cover a few things:

Firstly I will talk about my travels around Europe in my Motorhome called Martha. She has given us many amazing memories so far and we hope to inspire others to travel the way we do. The trips that we do will hopefully provide others with ideas of where to go, what routes we take and the places of interest. Not only that but in all true travelling blogs, things don’t always go to plan so you may just get some insight into some of our happy disasters.

Secondly, with the help of Martha, I have taken my business on the road so I will be blogging about how I do this and the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. Being a designer and hand embroiderer you would imagine that I would need loads of kit, so where do I store it when space is limited and how do I create pieces of art from the side of the road. Fingers crossed our travels will give me the opportunity to create drop in opportunities for workshops with a difference – Imagine sitting on a blanket in a beautiful location, sun shining, an embroidery hoop in hand (are you there yet?) learning how to create contemporary beadwork brooches or sea scapes.

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Published by Claire Edwards

Multi award-winning hand embroidery artist working with non conventional materials

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